Monday, February 16, 2015

Snowed in and stir crazy

Tucker was supposed to leave for Florida early this morning, but we got another 16 inches of snow yesterday so everyone needed a day to dig out.  As you can see from my patio, there is the small problem of where to put the snow once shoveled.  
What 85" of snow in less than 3 weeks looks like
I got word from the shippers late this morning that we may not get out tomorrow since some of the other barns are not dug out.  The only problem with this is that it is supposed to snow tomorrow and possibly Wednesday, so if these barns can't dig out a storm within 24 hours, how are we possibly going to leave before Friday?!  Part of the issue is that I have been packed since Saturday and have tapered his work schedule so he would have plenty of energy for the trip.  I feel bad that Tucker is all cooped up with nothing to do, although he wouldn't be going outside anyways based on this:
 I used to think of hell as a hot place

So for now, we are playing the waiting game and I am keeping my fingers crossed that he can ship out tomorrow morning.  I want him to have plenty of time to recuperate from the trip and at least a day or two to get to know his new rider.  Also, everyone is incredibly stir crazy and grumpy, and I have a feeling Tucker would prefer grazing in 70 degree weather than huddling in his stall in this miserable weather.

The ideal combination of bored/grumpy/cold

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